Quality with compromise
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since 1970

Calplas History

Calplas vessels have been used in industrial projects worldwide since 1970 and it is one of the most experienced filter manufacturer in the world. A continuous growth, stimulated by a very hard working, experienced team, and a mechanical engineer soul has allowed us to become a quality and reliability reference. During this period our manufacturing has demonstrated the complete reliability of our products. Our daily contact with water treatment companies and experienced pool distributors all over the world has also helped us to innovate and to gain an advantage over our competitors responding to new water treatment challenges. This experience has also allowed us to trial new materials in order to overcome specific project water treatment requirements.

Why calplas?

Calplas uses only the most reliable GRP Polyester technology in its manufacturing process. MANUALLY LAMINATED HAND LAY UP. This means that the fibers are oriented in the directions of the maximum tensions of the filter, strictly calculated. On top, this is combined with encapsulated internal steel reinforcement used at all points where the filter is under additional stress.This makes our filters the most reliable on the market.
Quality with compromise
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